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FOR SA is a non-profit, legal advocacy organisation dedicated to upholding the rights to religious freedom conferred by the South African Constitution, including parental rights and the autonomy of religious organisations to determine their own doctrines and regulate their own internal affairs free from interference by the State or anyone else.
We have a single-minded and unwavering commitment to ensure that we continue to live in a nation where all people remain free to celebrate, speak about and live out their faith, beliefs and opinions.
In court
FOR SA’s Executive Director Michael Swain and attorney Daniela Ellerbeck making submissions at Parliament.

As a legal advocacy organisation, FOR SA is:

  • faith neutral, standing up for the rights of people of all faiths (or even no faith) – because every individual has the right to choose what (and how) they believe (or not believe); and
  • doctrinally neutral, not holding to any interpretation or preference for any holy text or ideology, but rather defending the right of each person to make these choices for themselves.
  • politically neutral, being willing to engage and work with any political party or movement that is interested in understanding and upholding religious freedom rights.

As part of our mandate, FOR SA is actively engaged in:

  • making representations to protect and promote religious freedom rights before Government, Parliament, Chapter 9 institutions and the Courts;
  • educating and empowering the religious community in particular, with regard to their legal rights and responsibilities;
  • creating awareness regarding potential and imminent threats to religious freedom, and advising on how best to respond thereto;
  • empowering and assisting individuals and organisations to engage in the democratic processes of law making;
  • advising and assisting religious institutions/organisations/businesses/individuals whose religious rights are threatened;
  • building relationships with the various stakeholders, and developing strategic partnerships with (local and international) allied organisations; and
  • responding in the media to religious freedom and related issues affecting the religious community.

Although we strategically collaborate with other like-minded organisations on certain issues, there is no other organisation in South Africa that has the same single-minded focus as FOR SA on upholding religious freedom. Please consider supporting FOR SA to help us protect and promote our rights to religious freedom in South Africa.

Help us protect your rights to religious freedom