If you are involved in any dispute involving religious freedom before any South African court, the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC), Commission for Gender Equality (CGE), the CRL Rights Commission, or any other legal forum, FOR SA would like to hear from you at the earliest opportunity.

Other types of enquiries

NOTE: FOR SA is not registered as a law firm and, as such, we cannot provide legal advice or services. However, we are keenly aware that activists, often using Government institutions, instigate legal action against individuals and/or organisations which have the clear intent of setting precedents that will erode constitutional religious freedoms.

FOR SA will always do our best to assist you with well-informed guidance and, where applicable, we can put you in contact with legal representatives who may be able to represent you in a religious freedom dispute. We may also – in our sole discretion – choose to join a particular case as an amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) to bring to the Court’s attention specific perspectives and viewpoints to assist in the protection of religious freedom rights.

We are also able to assist with advice on how to manage the media interest, which often accompanies a legal dispute.